Next Stage

Approaching a self-appointed crossroad. Resignation is on the horizon and I can’t see beyond the point where the sky meets the ocean. 

I guess I’ll never know whether I’ll fly or drown if I don’t even try.

My 2014 resolution was to make a change. And 9 months in, my life’s been pretty much the same as it was in 2013. 

It’s now or never.

Exxus by Glass Animals

Beautiful track and with a perfect accompanying video.

Snood/sweater/duvet-turban party. #bffs #slumberparty #turban

Snood/sweater/duvet-turban party. #bffs #slumberparty #turban

Hey Haim!

Haim, the three Alanis Morissette-esque sisters from LA, simply blew my mind last night at Laneway. They were all so solid in their vocals, guitars, and drums, it sounded like they’ve been doing this all their short lives. Completely at ease on stage, it was clear that they were just having a time of their lives performing, and their liveliness was absolutely contagious. Their set had a good range of tunes that showed off their tastes in both raw, sexy blues and catchy indie pop too.

I wasn’t prepared for a live performance of this quality from a fairly new band, and I was extremely happy to witness their prelude to guaranteed greatness. I have no doubt that they’ll be on the same career track as Kings of Leon.

I’ve decided to bare my rotten sole to you tonight. #hfmd

I’ve decided to bare my rotten sole to you tonight. #hfmd

hopeluststardust said: Heya, so I stumbled upon your blog and was wondering if you'd be interested in reading a 12 part mini series written in Peeta Mellark's POV during Mockingjay when he's a prisoner of the Capitol? :) If not, no worries, if so awesome! ;p Peeta Mellark's POV is published on Wattpad and FF (Sabina Armani) and my Tumblr (/post/64220320913). Feel free to like/reblog/promote/comment/and message me, I'd love to hear your thoughts! PS you'll find reviews on my page (/peetaspov) Enjoy xo

Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing the fanfic!

A Tribute to the Hunger Games Series



I really enjoyed breezing through the whole series. The writing is simple and clear, so I finished all 3 books pretty quickly and painlessly.

It may be targeted at young adults, but I thought the story is way too dark. Perhaps I’m underestimating the maturity of kids. I think I would’ve been entertained rather than affected by the books if I read it at 15… But I guess my 27-year-old self just wasn’t prepared for its brutality because the books aren’t packaged to look like the war-themed psychological thriller that it is. 

The idea of the hunger games is already so fucked up. It involves tearing starving, malnourished children away from their families and getting them to battle out in a human cockpit to entertain the more fortunate. As if their prolonged suffering wasn’t good enough to “punish” their ancestors! But it was really touching to see glimpses of humanity amongst the tributes in the face of their grim fates… a virtue that’s beautifully embodied by Katniss Everdeen.

I love that Suzanne Collins didn’t put Katniss on a pedestal like what Rowling did with Harry Potter. Katniss is an anti-hero that, like any human being, has many sides to her personality. Up until the end of the book, we never really got to know who Katniss Everdeen is exactly. Despite being the heroine, her actions and decisions weren’t always “right”, and she was seldom the valiant icon that the rebels wanted her to be. She was often conflicted, unstable, and selfish, unlike her loyal companion Peeta. Him, as well as Haymitch, Effie, Haymitch, Cinna, Finnick, Johanna, Beetee, and even Caesar were such great characters because Suzanne gave them enough depth to allow readers to really understand how they tick. 

Time and time again the book reminds us of how cruel humans can be. The movie might have given the impression that this story takes place in a time and age that is completely fantastical, but I think the books reveal that Panem is simply a slightly exaggerated version of today’s society. Don’t the well-to-do wear outrageous outfits and surgically alter their bodies? Don’t those who often have more than enough to eat dig at their throats to expel the food and then continue eating again? Doesn’t war end up with children being killed, or mistreated for another’s benefit? The Hunger Games series really affected me because I can see how it’s not far from reality. Who knows, some sick circle of elites could be tapping in on human trafficking, selling underaged children into atrocities not unlike those that the tributes had to face in the arena?

I only picked up the books after watching Hunger Games and Catching Fire because I was so impressed by the movies, and I couldn’t wait until they release the final movie to know the ending. I must say that the first 2 books were equally, if not more gripping than the films. Mockingjay, however, was not as great a read. I felt that too much was being crammed into the third book, and even then, there were much more lulls as compared to its action-packed precedents. It read like a newspaper. It was filled with brief updates on who went where, what happened, where they went after. Instead of a couple of major events, it was a sprinkling of minor ones. And that kind of slowed the story down a bit. The ending was still excellent though.

Now I’m very curious as to how they’re going to adapt the third book into a movie. It’s either going to be a very inaccurate 2-hour movie, or a draggy Mockingjay part 1 and part 2.Can’t wait!

I will make every day of 2014 count

I love new years. It gives a sense of new beginnings, hope, and a surge of optimism that lasts for at least the first week of January before people realise that their lives are still the same before the celebrations began. As a pessimist, I’ll remain cautiously optimistic about the upcoming year. But I still love new years as much as I love new days because the unknown is always damn exciting. 

Make it an eventful 2014 my friends! I know I will. And may the odds be ever in your favour.

London with my best girls — the city will always have a special place in my heart. Read about our summer there on my travel blog.

Peak hour apparitions. #singapore #mrt #train #blackandwhite  (at Paya Lebar MRT Interchange (EW8/CC9))

Peak hour apparitions. #singapore #mrt #train #blackandwhite (at Paya Lebar MRT Interchange (EW8/CC9))

To Love Somebody by Nina Simone

She has the power to sing to something deep down inside of me. And this performance just leaves me speechless.

Black sesame paste on (half) white girl. #kids #lol

Black sesame paste on (half) white girl. #kids #lol

"The skill of his hands can’t make up for the emptiness of his heart."

- Photographer Rodney Smith

I went paragliding when I was in Munich in August! Read about it and my wholesome time in the pretty German city over at my travel blog.

"You have to be a little deluded to stay motivated."

- Jesse in Before Midnight (2013)